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Laboratory Advisory Bureau specializes in making clinical laboratories in physician offices and clinics more efficient and fully compliant with state and federal regulations applicable to laboratory testing. Our staff has extensive field knowledge in laboratory practices and regulations. Their experience and expertise can help your lab gain greater accuracy and efficiency and keep your staff up to date on the latest guidelines in CLIA certification and accreditation.

Laboratory Advisory Bureau offers several different services, depending on the needs of your testing facility. Take a look at some of our services below and contact us with any questions you might have.

  • Laboratory Record System (LRS)

    Laboratory Advisory Bureau's Laboratory Record System will make operations in your lab or clinic run much smoother.

    • Innovative Laboratory Record System (LRS) with similar qualities of a Laboratory Information System (LIS).

    • Introduction and implementation of a Laboratory Record System for CLIA-waived and moderate complexity laboratories.

    • Integrated functionality of system aids in CLIA compliance.

    • Features a wide spectrum of online laboratory forms that can be customized to your testing needs.

      • Patient registry logs
      • Quality control logs
      • Patient result logs for each test performed in your lab
      • Laboratory instrumentation maintenance forms
      • Temperature forms to monitor laboratory area, equipment and reagents/controls with specific temperature requirements
      • Decontamination logs
      • Maintenance logs for eyewash, microscopes, centrifuges and fire extinguisher
      • Corrective action forms
    • Provides our clients with the benefits of an online paperless LRS, with features designed to give them complete control over their laboratory in every step of the patient testing process.
    • Ability to retrieve patient results and print patient result reports
    • Provides new forms as testing facilities introduce new laboratory testing methods.
  • Clinical Lab Consulting

    Laboratory Advisory Bureau will provide only qualified technical consultants to fulfill the laboratory consultation needs our clients deserve. Some of our lab consultants are charter members of the Association for Clinical Laboratory Technical Consultants (ACLTC).

    • Quality Assurance and Management Program
      • Program design and implementation
      • Investigation of discrepancies in the laboratory.
      • Implementation of a remedial/corrective action system
    • Assisting in regulatory compliance issues
    • Improving the quality and consistency of laboratory testing in all three categories
      • CLIA-waived testing
      • Moderate complexity testing
      • High complexity testing
    • Preparation for accreditation
      • CLIA
      • COLA
      • JCAHO
      • CAP
    • Quality Management
      • Ensure enrollment and successful participation in a Proficiency Testing program.
      • Establish a Quality Control review and Instrument maintenance review program.
      • Ensure that policies and procedures are available and implemented.
    • Employee Management
      • Maximizing the performance, effectiveness and skills of your laboratory personnel.
      • Evaluation and recommendation of all training needs
      • Ensuring that laboratory testing personnel are properly and adequately trained.
      • Provide job description advice, orientation checklists, competency evaluations and validation of skills.
    • Providing the expertise, information, advice and tools needed to set up a lab in every phase of its development.
  • OSHA Compliance Services

    OSHA is an agency of the U.S. Department of Labor dedicated to eliminating accidents in the workplace and adding extra safety for employees.

    OSHA services provided by Laboratory Advisory Bureau include:

    • An OSHA program set up.

    • OSHA safety officer services

    • Providing lab consultation, assistance and review of the performance, duties and responsibilities of your Health and Safety Officer.

    • Providing safety training to all new employees before they perform their first exposure-risk task.

    • Promoting and emphasizing universal precautions.

    • Develop and present blood borne pathogen safety programs and chemical hazards programs to all employees with exposure risk.

    • Develop and maintain a list of employees and their risk classification and training needs.

    • Develop and maintain a list of safety equipment and its maintenance.

    • Implement procedures for infectious material spill response, ventilation failure response, first aid response, fire response and emergency evacuation response.

    • Conduct annual safety inspections.

    • Waste management plan.

    • Ensure that all exposure incidents are properly documented and that the adequate follow-up is performed.

    • Always promoting good laboratory practices to foster a safe and healthful environment.

  • HIPAA Requirements
    • Guidance of HIPPA requirements to protect privacy and confidentiality.
    • Training of workforce on HIPAA regulations and requirements.
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